• Question: Do you like star wars???

    Asked by Darth Vader to Jonathan, Kellie, Kevin, Melissa, Stephanie on 26 Apr 2016.
    • Photo: Kevin Baker

      Kevin Baker answered on 26 Apr 2016:

      I do like Star Wars. Do you?

    • Photo: Jonathan Jackson

      Jonathan Jackson answered on 26 Apr 2016:

      I confess I’m more of a Star Trek kind of guy, but Star Wars is fun and I loved Episode VII.

    • Photo: Stephanie Moon

      Stephanie Moon answered on 26 Apr 2016:

      I’m a big fan of star wars! My favorite character is Mara Jade- and she was pretty much only in the books, so it was a little disappointing to hear that the new movies wouldn’t follow the plot of the book series. I really like the newest movie though!

    • Photo: Melissa Wilson Sayres

      Melissa Wilson Sayres answered on 26 Apr 2016:

      Who doesn’t? I really like Star Wars and Star Trek, no need to choose in between them. 🙂

    • Photo: Kellie Jaremko

      Kellie Jaremko answered on 27 Apr 2016:

      I love it! When I was little we watched the original 3 movies (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) all the time. I used to put my hair in braids on the side of my head like Leia.

      The most recent new Star Wars movie was awesome and I loved BB8!

      My cat also likes Star Wars- his favorite toy is a catnip filled Tie Fighter