• Question: How could artists help with communicating the scientific concepts to the public?

    Asked by Bananna to Stephanie on 1 May 2016.
    • Photo: Stephanie Moon

      Stephanie Moon answered on 1 May 2016:

      Hi Bananna,
      Thanks for the great question! I think that artists could help communicate scientific concepts in a lot of ways. First, they can help people understand abstract concepts through art projects. Imagine trying to understand the nervous system in a human– it would help if you could draw a picture of all of the parts of the nervous system, and use different colors or materials to represent different tissues or even functions. Creating a play or a song about a scientific process (like how a virus infects a cell) could help people learn and remember how something works. I think there are a lot of similarities between creating a meaningful work of art and coming up with scientific ideas about how things work. They both require making observations and communicating something abstract to an audience. I think scientists and artists could learn from each other, and this could benefit the public by making scientific concepts more accessible and easier to learn about.