• Question: What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to you at work?

    Asked by Rylee to Jonathan, Kellie, Kevin, Melissa, Stephanie on 30 Apr 2016.
    • Photo: Melissa Wilson Sayres

      Melissa Wilson Sayres answered on 30 Apr 2016:

      I routinely transpose letters and numbers when I’m reading, so I have to be extra careful about it, but I’ve had a few times where I’ve made that mistake on something I was helping someone with. I’m always embarrassed by it.

    • Photo: Stephanie Moon

      Stephanie Moon answered on 1 May 2016:

      Haha I don’t think I want to share the MOST embarrassing thing here, but I will say one thing that happened recently– I got ink on my sleeve from laying my arm on a pen while I was using the computer, then ended up touching it to my face. I was walking around the building with ink all over the side of my face and had no idea until I looked in a mirror an hour later!

    • Photo: Jonathan Jackson

      Jonathan Jackson answered on 2 May 2016:

      There are lots of embarrassing stories I have, but I’ll keep this one simple.

      I have to give a lot of presentations and talks as a scientist. While I enjoy it, not everyone else does! In my early days, I routinely put people to sleep. In fact, when I was giving my talk to obtain my Master’s degree, 2 out of 3 committee members fell asleep during my talk! So while I got my Master’s degree, I’m not sure if the people in charge actually knew what I was talking about!

    • Photo: Kevin Baker

      Kevin Baker answered on 2 May 2016:

      Hey Rylee.

      I think the most embarrassing thing would involve me dropping a very expensive chemical powder on the floor, that or dropping glassware in my youth. These were mostly klutzy mistakes. I still make a lot of mistakes as a scientist, but I try to not let them get me down. Of course, none of them involve dropping expensive things anymore!

    • Photo: Kellie Jaremko

      Kellie Jaremko answered on 3 May 2016:

      Hi Rylee,

      When I was in the lab I had a habit of spilling colored liquids that stain onto myself or the white floor. Each time I had to explain this was embarrassing. I also accidentally burned a large hole in one of my sweaters with bleach when I was cleaning the lab bench. I had to walk around the rest of the day with a hole as big as an apple at the bottom of my sweater.