• Question: How do you feel about your job, and position?

    Asked by Dacee04 to Melissa, Stephanie, Kevin, Kellie, Jonathan on 25 Apr 2016. This question was also asked by BARNEY?, Salim, the hacker boss, Kid Genius, Allison:), Bmxgirl43, Eli.
    • Photo: Jonathan Jackson

      Jonathan Jackson answered on 25 Apr 2016:

      Hi Dacee,

      I absolutely love my job. I am fortunate enough to be working in one of the most advanced Alzheimer’s research groups in the whole world. And in an era when it’s difficult for scientists to find a long-term career home, I’m able to stay in the job for the long haul. No job or career is perfect, but where I am is pretty ideal for the work I want to do.

    • Photo: Kevin Baker

      Kevin Baker answered on 25 Apr 2016:

      I love my job and it is a lot of fun to work in this field. I am a graduate student now, so I get paid to go to class and to do research. Both of which I also like doing! I do not have any complaints about what I do; I work with amazing people and my boss is an awesome person.

    • Photo: Stephanie Moon

      Stephanie Moon answered on 25 Apr 2016:

      I like my job, it’s a temporary position because I am learning what it takes to run a lab and teach while doing research. It’s a nice position because I can still explore and study something new that I’m interested in.

    • Photo: Kellie Jaremko

      Kellie Jaremko answered on 25 Apr 2016:

      I love being a doctor and a scientist. I get to help people immediately as a doctor and plan research to help more people later as a scientist.

    • Photo: Melissa Wilson Sayres

      Melissa Wilson Sayres answered on 26 Apr 2016:

      I love my job.

      I am an Assistant Professor who does research and teaching. I design research projects, mentoring trainees (high school students, undergrads, grads, and postdocs), develop and teach courses to undergraduate and graduate students, and work on service to the community.

      It is not an easy job, but there are times with flexible hours, and I get to do new and interesting science. I feel very fortunate to have this job.