• Question: What are your favorite hobbies (if you have any)

    Asked by DRAGON PEEPS to Jonathan, Kellie, Kevin, Melissa, Stephanie on 27 Apr 2016. This question was also asked by Dakota, Gymnast.
    • Photo: Melissa Wilson Sayres

      Melissa Wilson Sayres answered on 27 Apr 2016:

      I like to hike and I’m trying to take up jogging. I also like to read, when I have a chance.

    • Photo: Stephanie Moon

      Stephanie Moon answered on 27 Apr 2016:

      I love to cook, read and draw

    • Photo: Kellie Jaremko

      Kellie Jaremko answered on 27 Apr 2016:

      Hi Dragon Peeps

      I like to watch sports, practice yoga, bake cupcakes, and read fictional books. Sometimes I play video games with my husband too.

    • Photo: Jonathan Jackson

      Jonathan Jackson answered on 27 Apr 2016:

      Dragon Peeps, you are going to make so much fun of me.

      1. Ironing (been doing it since I was 7, and I am *extremely* good at it.)
      2. Gardening (I hated gardening when I was growing up but now I love it)
      3. Photography (I think it’s so much fun to make pictures that look like how I see the world in my mind.)
      4. Baking (my cupcakes will change your life)
      5. Reading (In the words of Thomas Jefferson, I cannot live without books.)

      What are some of your hobbies?

    • Photo: Kevin Baker

      Kevin Baker answered on 28 Apr 2016:

      I play video games, read books/magazines, garden, exercise, play with my pets, and just hang out. I do also like talking about science a lot, but some people count it as work. What are your hobbies?