• Question: Do you work with any of your family at your job or have you inspired kids to be like you?

    Asked by Chris to Jonathan, Kellie, Kevin, Melissa, Stephanie on 23 Apr 2016.
    • Photo: Kevin Baker

      Kevin Baker answered on 23 Apr 2016:

      I do not work with my family in the lab, but my coworkers love to refer to us as a family! I have not inspired any young kids to pursue science, but I have inspired students in college to pursue it. I love talking about science and people enjoyed hearing me talk about it enough that they decided to do science. My boss has excelled at inspiring students to pursue science, though. Every summer we have high school students come into our lab and work on research projects with us. I think this is a great opportunity for the lab and the students.

    • Photo: Kellie Jaremko

      Kellie Jaremko answered on 23 Apr 2016:

      I do not work with any family members but I used to shadow my Mom when I was little and she was a nurse running a patient recovery unit at a hospital.

      I try to inspire kids by participating in lectures, online twitter chats, science festivals and programs that let kids ask questions about science and a career in it, just like ‘I’m a scientist USA”

    • Photo: Stephanie Moon

      Stephanie Moon answered on 23 Apr 2016:

      Hi 923hemb24–
      I work in a lab that’s only 1 floor up from the lab that my husband works in. We have different jobs though- he’s a lab manager and I’m a post-doctoral researcher. He has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and takes care of the laboratory (ordering supplies, training students, etc) in addition to doing research. We get to see each other at work every day and sometimes our research ends up being really similar, so we work together on projects.

    • Photo: Melissa Wilson Sayres

      Melissa Wilson Sayres answered on 24 Apr 2016:

      I do not work with my family. What I do is very different from everyone else in my family: a vet tech, a nurse, a prison guard, and a butcher, and a chemist. We are a fun bunch, but we all do very different things.

      I don’t know whether I’ve inspired any kids to be like me, but I hope I’ve inspired some kids to be more interested in science, and the scientific process.

    • Photo: Jonathan Jackson

      Jonathan Jackson answered on 25 Apr 2016:

      Sadly, my family lives pretty far away from me these days, but like others have written here, my colleagues are one BIG family! Because I work with older adults, I haven’t had as much of a chance to inspire kids to be scientists. I have worked one-on-one with high school and college students to learn more about neuroscience, however. It’s a lot of fun to talk about how a single brain cell works, and then scale it up by a factor of ~80 billion to understand how the human brain works! I really hope to share that joy with all of you as we explore my branch of science over the next couple of weeks.